Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stamp Simply Clear Stamp Release!

Sharon at The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store has just released a 
new clear stamp line: Stamp Simply Clear Stamps!

Four sets are part of the release today; you can purchase the stamps either as separate sets, or as a "First Full Release Offer" 
of all four sets!

Take a look at these beautiful, versatile sets...perfect sentiments for both the outside and INSIDE of your card designs:

How often I have longed for the perfect sentiment for the inside of my card...one that matches the outer card verse or salutation with the same font or design; these sets do just that-- 
along with quite a few choices in each set to do so!

My apologies that I do not have a sample myself for the release; I cannot wait to ink up these sets when my move is complete.

 Make certain to check out Sharon's blog for card design samples using the beautiful new sets! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mosaics Fruit on a Vase

I wanted to show you one of my mosaic projects that I did while living in Africa. Mosaics are very popular in Swaziland and South Africa...I was fortunate to live close by to shop that sold mosaic supplies (and gorgeous other items) and to attend the mosaics classes that they offered: 

Here is the last project that I completed while in Swaziland; this is one vase with a fruit border all around--
grapes, pears, oranges, apples:

When I purchased the vase, it was glazed/finished in the inside. I sketched the fruit and applied my glass tile cutouts with a border of tile beneath to create a "base" for the fruit to rest upon. 

After the grouting was complete, I applied Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Old White" and "Paris Gray." I used both the Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Soft Waxes to finish the outside of the vase. 

Mosaics class has been a wonderful creative outlet for me while I have been living overseas. I attended most of the classes at Linda's home, although she occasionally had some classes at her shop in town. 

We would arrive for class at Linda's home, nestled in the sugar cane fields and beautiful countryside surroundings. After being greeted by welcoming committee of friendly pooches and an occasional cat, we would settle with some hot coffee/tea and delicious cupcakes, muffins and fruit.

Picture taken by oh-so-talented friend Tracy MacDonald 

After working for a good portion of the day on the veranda, we were invited to a scrumptious lunch, prepared by Mike, Linda's hubby. The table was always exquisitely dressed, and most often set up out of doors in the back garden of the home. What an "Out of Africa" feel that was!...a formally dressed table and elegant dining room chairs, chandelier hanging from the tree above, and delicious food and company to share it!

Picture taken by Tracy MacDonald

The start of something beautiful...Tracy's project, photo by Tracy

It truly was an amazing time spent with amazing, creative people! 

Great memories plus knowledge gained in mosaics!

Thanks for stopping by today. It will be sometime before I will be back. I look forward to returning with new projects and ideas!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Farewell to Africa

Some of my favorite photos of our time living in the Kingdom of Swaziland & visiting South Africa 
(Kruger Game Reserve and Cape Town). 

We will miss Africa, the beautiful surroundings, 
and very special people...

Swaziland Countryside, heading to Maguga Dam

Terraced planting at Maguga Dam, Swaziland 

Love these blossoms...they grow wild all over the countryside 

Clothesline of batik at Swazi Candles, Swaziland 

This ant/termite hill is about 5' 6"...Mlilwane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

 Swazi woman with baby on her back...Malendela's Gone Rural, Swaziland

Colorful herd of giraffe at Swazi Candle, Swaziland 

HUGE and colorful grasshopper in our yard...he is perched on a regular height stair step 

Young dancers near Maguga Dam, Swaziland 

Grilled corn for sale in Mbabane, Swaziland 


Planting citrus tress at a Neighborhood Care Point, Swaziland 

Our favorite fruit and veggie stand, Ezulwini, Swaziland 

Mud brick home, Swaziland 

Clothes drying on a fence line, Pine Valley, Swaziland 

Beautiful Swaziland, Pine Valley 

Swaziland, near Lobomba 

Family of Guinea Fowl, Mlilwane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

Incwala Celebration, Swaziland 

Zebra at Mlilwane Game Reserve, Swaziland...about 30 minutes from our home 

Traditional homes (Rondeles)  

 Swazi women walking...strong!

 Neighborhood Care Point...I wish that I would have focused this better...she is absolutely beautiful!

Mangoes, oranges, Papaya

These two photos are students at a local primary school. We planted citrus trees with them in their school garden...they were wonderful models for photographing!

Elephant carved out of Soap Stone

Young men at the annual Bush Fire Festival, Swaziland

Soap stone carving artist, signing his work, Swaziland

Beautiful plants and foliage 

Young men riding their go cart down the back roads of Pine Valley, Swaziland

Swazi female dance at the Mantenga Cultural Village

Giraffe in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Young elephant at Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Beautiful blossoming tree in winter 

Large kudu photoed thru back window of our car, Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa

Sassy monkey in Swaziland

Rooster out for a winter walk in Swaziland...many chickens, goats and cows along the roads 

The Reed Dance, Kingdom of Swaziland 

Large water buck in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Rhinos in Kruger Game Reserve 

Baboon with his can of Coke near Point of Good Hope, South Africa 

Herd of Zebra, Kruger, South Africa

Sunset over Hlane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

African Wild Dog in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Acacia Tree near Cape of Good Hope

Young, intense male lion in Hlane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

Pumba, South Africa 

Impala, Hlane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

Southern most tip of African continent 

Blossoms in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Wildebeast in South Africa 

Male lion in Swaziland 

Cape Town, South Africa 

Sunset from our patio in Mbabane, Swaziland 

Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Penguins on the beach, South Africa

Mother and cubs, Swaziland

Herd of elephants, Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa