Saturday, July 18, 2015

Farewell to Africa

Some of my favorite photos of our time living in the Kingdom of Swaziland & visiting South Africa 
(Kruger Game Reserve and Cape Town). 

We will miss Africa, the beautiful surroundings, 
and very special people...

Swaziland Countryside, heading to Maguga Dam

Terraced planting at Maguga Dam, Swaziland 

Love these blossoms...they grow wild all over the countryside 

Clothesline of batik at Swazi Candles, Swaziland 

This ant/termite hill is about 5' 6"...Mlilwane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

 Swazi woman with baby on her back...Malendela's Gone Rural, Swaziland

Colorful herd of giraffe at Swazi Candle, Swaziland 

HUGE and colorful grasshopper in our yard...he is perched on a regular height stair step 

Young dancers near Maguga Dam, Swaziland 

Grilled corn for sale in Mbabane, Swaziland 


Planting citrus tress at a Neighborhood Care Point, Swaziland 

Our favorite fruit and veggie stand, Ezulwini, Swaziland 

Mud brick home, Swaziland 

Clothes drying on a fence line, Pine Valley, Swaziland 

Beautiful Swaziland, Pine Valley 

Swaziland, near Lobomba 

Family of Guinea Fowl, Mlilwane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

Incwala Celebration, Swaziland 

Zebra at Mlilwane Game Reserve, Swaziland...about 30 minutes from our home 

Traditional homes (Rondeles)  

 Swazi women walking...strong!

 Neighborhood Care Point...I wish that I would have focused this better...she is absolutely beautiful!

Mangoes, oranges, Papaya

These two photos are students at a local primary school. We planted citrus trees with them in their school garden...they were wonderful models for photographing!

Elephant carved out of Soap Stone

Young men at the annual Bush Fire Festival, Swaziland

Soap stone carving artist, signing his work, Swaziland

Beautiful plants and foliage 

Young men riding their go cart down the back roads of Pine Valley, Swaziland

Swazi female dance at the Mantenga Cultural Village

Giraffe in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Young elephant at Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Beautiful blossoming tree in winter 

Large kudu photoed thru back window of our car, Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa

Sassy monkey in Swaziland

Rooster out for a winter walk in Swaziland...many chickens, goats and cows along the roads 

The Reed Dance, Kingdom of Swaziland 

Large water buck in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Rhinos in Kruger Game Reserve 

Baboon with his can of Coke near Point of Good Hope, South Africa 

Herd of Zebra, Kruger, South Africa

Sunset over Hlane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

African Wild Dog in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Acacia Tree near Cape of Good Hope

Young, intense male lion in Hlane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

Pumba, South Africa 

Impala, Hlane Game Reserve, Swaziland 

Southern most tip of African continent 

Blossoms in Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa 

Wildebeast in South Africa 

Male lion in Swaziland 

Cape Town, South Africa 

Sunset from our patio in Mbabane, Swaziland 

Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Penguins on the beach, South Africa

Mother and cubs, Swaziland

Herd of elephants, Kruger Game Reserve, South Africa


Joan Fricker said...

Wow Deb, you certainly have seen beautiful country, animals and a totally differnet way of life. Are you heading back to the UP?

quirks59m said...

I have followed your blog for a while - thank you for sharing your pics. I especially love the look on the face of the "Male lion in Swaziland "

Kris Turner said...

Thank you SO much for supplying us with these gorgeous pictures of your time in Swaziland! It brings the world so much closer when you see areas you've never seen before, doesn't it? And the pictures of the women, men and children are beautiful. Love the many smiles! I spent time on a mission to Cuba and it reminded me of how grateful we need to be for this planet and the people in it. My most vivid memories (and pictures) include the home church we visited where the folks had a government spy living nearby and, yet, they literally lifted their heads up when singing to see who could sing their praises the loudest and best! And the children playing with the most simple, handmade games/toys - there was such beauty, warmth and charm in each face! God is so wonderful in his artistry and grace! Thanks again, Deb!
Kris Turner, Wadsworth, OH

Cheryl Cain said...

Gorgeous!! What a blessing to have lived there and seen these sights. I can't imagine the sunsets in person, they must be jaw dropping beautiful. Those amazing animals, as Kris Turner (above) me so eloquently stated, "God is so wonderful in His artistry and grace." God is so good to us.