Thursday, July 11, 2019

Leaving Montenegro, 2019

We have so enjoyed our two years living in Montenegro--what a secret gem! Beautiful scenery from the Adriatic coastline up into the mountains. People are friendly and prices are reasonable. If you ever have a chance to visit, be sure to do so. I've compiled some of the photos that we have taken to share with you.
Farewell Montenegro!

Small church on islet off of Petrovac

Rock formations on Adriatic Sea off of Petrovac

Bay of Kotor; Kotor Old Town

Kotor Old Town

Jaz Beach, Adriatic Sea

Sunset over the Adriatic

Sveti Stephan

Sunset over Adriatic at Dobra Voda 

Sunset at Porto Montenegro

Boat moored for the night near Tivat

Roman Mosiacs in Rivest

Snow on the mountains


Ruins above Bar

View from our apartment in Podgorica

Lovely view from our apartment in Podgorica

Roman Ruins in Podgorica

Olive trees dot the landscape throughout Montenegro, these near Bar

Beautiful landscape for hiking throughout the country

Tara River Canyon

Along the Tara River Canyon

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar

Near Mojkovac

Mosaic at Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery, built into the mountainside

Lake Biograd

Charming homestead



Cerno Jezero (Black Lake) in Zablijak

I hope that you have enjoyed this little peek into our 
time in Montenegro. 

Since we are in the process of moving, I will be offline with papercraft samples for a while. I hope to be back and posting in early Autumn. Have a wonderful summer, 
and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

What a stunningly beautiful country. I dont think I've known anyone who has traveled to Montenegro, so seeing your gorgeous photos was an unexpected treat on a Friday morning.

Whatever has taken you to other countries has given you a fabulous glimpse into a different way of life. Thank you so much for sharing it with those of us who don't have that opportunity.

Wishing you safe travels as you relocate. I'm sure you will have a heart full of memories from beautiful, serene, Montenegro. It makes me hope that someday I may make that journey.

Carol Jones, from the San Francisco Bay area.

Deb S said...

Thanks so very much, Carol. It is a beautiful country, and we hope to visit it one day again. My wish is for you to be able to visit there as well! We are longing to be back in the United States, and so very excited to be HOME! ;)

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